USB Tethering - Error "No Internet Connection! ..."

USB tethered via the type-A port to a phone - disabled STA, at the top of all the pages is:

“No Internet Connection! Find a network to reconnect.”

Although internet works fine.

Can you use ping in the tethering network?

Or it may be just a UI bug.

Yeah internet worked fine from the USB Tether, I assume its something with the UI.

We were not able to reproduce your problem.
Can you tell us your phone model and Android version?

Just tested again. The error comes on as soon as I click disconnect on the STA repeater upstream device

Phone is a Pixel 6 w/ Android 12 but this doesn’t appear to be related.

After tether shows up in the dashboard (seen in above screenshot) internet is only from the tether, but the error does not go away immediately – maybe it takes a while to retest connectivity?

You can also click disconnect on the STA repeater, get the error message of no internet, then reconnect to the repeater – internet tested as working – and the error message stays.

Yes, the internet connection check is not real-time.
We retried your steps a few times and the prompt disappeared within a minute.