USB tethering speed with AX1800

How to speed up usb tethering? I can only get up to 250 mbps (through Wi-Fi6) with this router(5g phone with usb3.2 port and usb3 cable). Speed test on Phone can reach 500 mbps. Are you limiting the speed of the USB? Or USB tethering speed only in USB2? Can firmware 4.x improve it?

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If your Wi-Fi6 is slow, do u get faster via ethernet?

I didn’t try it, should be the same. I tried use usb2 cable. Same speed.

250 mbps is a very good speed. Don’t compare it to USB 3.0 specs.

Don’t compare it to phone’s own speed as well. It is always faster. No surprise.

I have same question too. I got this device in Taiwan today and connected it to my Android smartphone, speed test show it’s upto 500mbps on my phone but only 200mbps on other devices connected to wifi

I tried my other 5g phone which is usb2 port. Got the same speed with usb3 phone. Maybe they limit the tethering speed on this router? since many ppl claim that connect phone direct to PC can get almost the same speed as phone does