USB Tile Kills Domino Pi

When I plug my USB tile into my Domino Pi, it won’t boot up. The LED’s won’t even light up. Is there some sort of configuration I need to do, first?

I’m sure that I’m plugging it in correctly, because the GND/D+/D-/+5V pins are all lined up between the two boards.

can you show a photo? Seems the USB board shortcircuit something.

I attached a few photos. I can’t see any shorts, but when I hook my ohmmeter across the +5V/GND of the USB board, it registers as a dead short. Do I need all of the components on the USB board, or can I just hook up a USB socket directly to the +5V/D+/D-/GND pins on the Domino Pi?

Is there a schematic for the USB board somewhere?

find the schematic here GitHub - domino-team/domino-hardware