I notice in the product there is a new USB150.

I have a few questions regarding the new product.

Does the USB port emulate different USB devices such as keyboard, serial, Etnernet, storage, etc?

Can it work in AP mode like the other routers?

How much will it cost for the USB150?


The USB port only works as Ethernet, not others.

It works as AP and sta.

Cost will be around 20 to 30.

Could you share a little bit about the use case for the USB150? And I would like to know which connection is the WAN connection for the USB150? If it doesn’t comes with 3G/4G sim slot, then the USB150 connect to Internet through the PC’s connection? If that’s the case, then the use case of USB150 is sharing the PC’s internet connection as an AP to nearby clients?

It doesn’t have 3G/4G slot.

There are several use cases:

  1. Wireless to Ethernet. Use this when you use public wifi

  2. Repeater, wireless to wireless

  3. Mesh node, you can install opensource mesh protocols e.g. Batman-adv and use it as mesh nodes.

Of course you can share PC’s connection to wireless, but you may need to have some setup in your pc.

Hi, alzhao

Thanks for the reply.

Trying to confirmed my understanding is correct that:

  1. Wireless to Ethernet: is the use case as a router convert wireless to wired ethernet for situation where only wired ethernet available from the PC so this USB router will connect to the WiFi(with SSID and credential configured) and route into wired port to PC in USB form(but show as Ethernet from PC)


  1. Wireless to wireless: this should be the same case as WIPS or WDS, or connect to outside WiFi and then establish VPN, then broadcast another inside WiFi to users so that they can get into VPN by this USB stick as long as it plug into a power source.

  2. Mesh. This one is for IoT?


If I understand the device think of the USB as emulating 2 connections

1 - Power, same as the 5volts.

2 - Ethernet (LAN over USB)

1 is wired on one side, wireless on the other. Similar to connecting an Ethernet form your PC at the LAN of an AR150

2 is like connecting power to an AR150 and running wireless on both sides.

3 is like connecting power to an AR150 as a mesh node


Thanks for replying, in all of your 3 cases above, it looks like Wi-Fi is the only way for outside connection for the USB150 (Where compare other devices which have a physical WAN port):

  1. USB150 connects to internet through Wi-Fi, and routed to wired interface to PC.

  2. USB 150 connects to internet through one SSID, and routed to another Wi-Fi SSID (WISP?)

  3. Mesh

@net2io exactly.

Mesh may not target IoT. You can build a small home wifi system using this. It is cheap compared to those expensive routers which cost more than $100

Hi all,

I plan to use a few USB150 as part of a home mesh network (with a AR300M as the connection point to the rest of the LAN/WAN). Which solution/protocol would you recommend (batman-adv or OSLR). Speed is not my main concern, I am looking for reliability/ease of setup for an extension to parts of my house without good wifi coverage. Any pointer to an example implementation using USB150 is apreciated. The lack of hardware ETH port makes me worry of modifying its openwrt conf.


I only used batman-adv, not oslr

USB150 does has USB -> ethernet port so you can eventually save it using uboot if you made something wrong.