Use another router's DHCP server

My network is as follows.

  • Fibre Modem - supplies static IPv4 address to primary router.
  • AirPort Extreme - Primary router, Is the primary DHCP server on the network. IP range for clients.
  • Airport Express - Repeater,, uses the AirPort Extreme as DHCP server, does not allocate it's own IPs.
  • GL-MT300N - - IP assigned by AirPort Extreme by MAC. Want it to operate purely by ethernet, WiFi is disabled.
Most devices on network have their own specific IPs assigned by the AirPort Extreme based on MAC addresses.

Apple TV is connected via ethernet directly to the Airport Extreme.

I want to have the GL-MT300N between the Apple TV and the AirPort Extreme. Apple TV connected to GL-MT300N’s LAN port, GL-MT300N connected to AirPort Extreme via WAN port. The purpose of the setup is for the Apple TV to still be accessible on local network for things like AirPlay, but whenever it connects to the internet, for everything to go through a VPN.

Apple TV connecting to the internet via a VPN running on the GL-MT300N works as expected.

The issues I’m encountering are these

  1. I would like to disable the GL-MT300N's DHCP server and force it to forward all DHCP requests to the AirPort Extreme just as the Airport Express does. (e.g. when the Apple TV connects directly to the AirPort Extreme, it has a static IP of based on it's MAC. I would like it to retain that address even when it connects via the GL-MT300N.) Essentially I want the GL-MT300N to act as a part of the primary network rather than creating a standalone network.
  2. I would like to be able to access the admin panel while connected to the AirPort Extreme's Wifi. Currently I'm unable to access it as the GL-MT300N is blocking all requests originating from the WAN and so I can administer it, only when I'm directly connected to it.
  3. I would like to be able to access the Apple TV locally. Currently because the GL-MT300N is creating it's own network and then blocking all requests coming from the WAN, all other devices on the primary network are having trouble accessing it.
And for a final question, this one being of little concern but still curious - the toggle switch on the side, is it possible to configure it to toggle the VPN connection?
  1. There is a problem. If MT300N is in your existing network, it may not capture the VPN traffic.

  2. You may enable ACCEPT in the wan zone in MT300N’s firewall

  3. If you don’t use “force vpn” when connecting to your VPN, you may access the local network. Pls try.

  4. In the newest testing firmware we have this function. Still need to test carefully.