Use GL-AX1800 as ethernet WIFI adapter only

I’ve a WIFI Network at my home “WIFI 6” , I want to connect a device that have only wired connexion .
The goal is to use a device like GL-AX1800 or GL-MT3000 as an adaptor only
This mean . connect the GL on existing WIFI network , connect my wired device on the GL’s RJ45 port
but disable WIFI Repeater
I don’t really find a solution ( looking on documentation) do disable WIFI repeater
Is somebody confirm it’s possible ?
Thank you for your help

You can use Extender or WDS.

In the router web admin panel->network->network mode

Thank you for your reply. I will try this option as soon as I receive device

Extender mode and then turn off broadcast of its own SSID.

Does Extender network mode allow WWAN wifi connection over 5GHz?

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