Use local instead of lan for default

Howdy y’all,

(Using a Flint GL-AX1800)

Is there any particular reason why GL.iNet devices use the lan “connection-specific DNS suffix” instead of the more common local, or is my head on backwards? It seems that more servers and services prefer local to lan. One instance is this caused issues with my TrueNAS core server via SMB, since (by default), it’s set to assign itself the suffix of local.

Is there any strong reason it should stay this way, or other reasons why the default should be changed-over? More curious than anything.

Edit: To clarify, I’m well-aware it can be changed in the LuCI GUI, however I am referring to the out-of-box defaults.


How to do that, could you kindly share?

Yes, certainly

It turns out to be vanilla OpenWRT default config. I think it’s preferred as OpenWrt is a network device rather than a host. And this actually sets dhcp option 15, but I failed to find a use case to change it.

I’m curious if using .local might interfere with the convention that Avahi uses .local.

I’m using both .lan and .local at the moment :crazy_face:

Fair enough, thank you for the confirmation!