Use micro-USB as 2nd LAN port on GL-MT300N

Is it possible to use the micro-USB that powers the GL-MT300N as a 2nd LAN port?

Given that it is a power inlet and not an Ethernet socket, I’m not sure what you’re envisioning.

If you wanted to add an Ethernet dongle, the “standard” USB socket would be an appropriate place to do that.

I was hoping that it was both…

Does the standard USB support multiple devices if it is plugged into a hub that has two devices like a memory stick and an ethernet adaptor

Yes, it should be USB 2.0. If you’ve got anything “power hungry” hanging off it, I’d recommend a powered hub as a single USB 2.0 port can only supply a total of 500 mA and some devices can consume that by themselves. Past that, many consumer USB cables aren’t sized to supply much more than that, and your GL-MT300N itself draws a significant amount, and any USB loads add to the draw through its power-supply cable.

MicroUSB is power only, not a console or host port.

USB2.0 port on the side, it’s a bit power limited, so as @jeffsf mentioned, a powered hub would be recommended if one is trying to use a 4G modem (which can draw a fair amount of power) or more than one device attached.

I’ve see some 802.11n WiFi adapters pull more than 500mA… 4G modems in poor coverage are similar.

ok thanks for the advice