Use MT300N as VPN appliance

I’ve got an MT300N V2 that I want to use as a VPN server appliance behind my ISP router. I will port forward the OpenVPN port to the appliance. There is no need for wireless, and I can hook up the appliance to the ISP modem via ethernet. The only part of the MT300N I’m interested in at the moment is the VPN server. I just want to be able to login from outside my network to the MT300N and access my LAN from there.

I’m having trouble figuring out all the settings required. If I configure it as a router and hook up both the LAN and WAN port to my modem, I can access it and it appears to have access to the internet. But it’s flakey and keeps ignoring clicks on the web interface or spontaneously restarting my web connection. If I try it in bridge mode the ethernet connections both disappear from my ISP modem and I can’t connect to it.

Has anyone else done this before, and would you suggest a starting config?

Yes, you should be able to do this with the MT300N V2. I am using a GL iNet microuter-N300 as my Wireguard server, behind my ISP router, which is similar to what you want to do with OpenVPN. My N300 is running with wireless turned off and with its WAN Ethernet port plugged into my ISP router. The N300 is setup as a router and it gets its IP address from my ISP router. On the N300 Firewall Page I have opened ports 22 and 80 so I can manage the N300 using its WAN interface, using any of my systems that are plugged into my ISP router. On my ISP router, I have the external port number I use for Wireguard forwarding to the IP address assigned to my N300. Setting up the VPN server is done in the VPN section of the MT300N. You will also need to know the IP address or DNS name assigned to your ISP router.

To tell you exactly how to do this would require knowing your ISP router, as you will need to setup the port forwarding, possibly open up forwarding rules, and it would be helpful if you assigned the MT300N a constant IP address from your ISP router. The good news is what you are trying to do should work, once your figure out your ISP router.

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Thanks Eric, that’s going to help I think. I will make another attempt today with this information.

With your hints I was able to get this set up and logged in with openvpn. Thanks again for your help!

Glad you have it working!