Use Mudi button for airplane mode

Any chance we could an option added to enable/disable airplane mode via the slide switch (button) on the side? I’m thinking have it setup like the VPN options where you have a generic “airplane mode” option in the button options, and a separate “Airplane Mode” settings page where you can define what things are toggled. This would be helpful in a couple of ways, first and foremost when on a plane. The second use case would be for people who plan to use this device primarily as a travel router, rather than a hotspot. Thus far, I have found no way to turn off the cellular modem.

Hold the reset for 3 seconds and Mudi will go into standby mode, which has no wifi, no carrer. Is this the “Airplane mode” for you?

In standby mode it still shows that the signal is connected to the cellular carrier. This is not standby. Shouldn’t all radios including cellular be disabled?

You are right. It cut the data, not the signal.

But it is one script in the firmware and you can edit it to cut the carrier as well.

What is the logic here? I mean standby mode should cut the signals like airplane mode on phone. Not just cut the wifi. It makes no sense.

The reason is: cutting the LTE completely will take 30 seconds to 1 minutes to reconnect. While cutting the data without cutting the signal will only need seconds to resume.

But this is configurable. Let’s see if we can make a choice there.

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took me 5-15 minutes to get internet connection after getting out of standby, and many times, no internet connection that i need to reboot the mudi

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To truly be an airplane mode, it should fully disable the cellular radio. Otherwise, it isn’t actually disabling the RF which is the intent of airplane mode. Additionally, I would like to be able to configure what a “airplane mode” does toggle. I would like to be able to use the side switch to disable the LTE radio, but leave the WiFi radio alone. The reason for this, is less about being on a plane and more about the idea that I only intend to use the cellular radio on the devices as a backup when I have no other option available. I am typically only using the device as a travel route, not so much as a hotspot… I don’t even have a sim card in the device currently.

Yea, don’t really need LTE on when there is WISP available, on battery consumption stand point, I am willing to wait 1 minute forLTE to reconnect, and have a few more hours more battery

@chopskxw Hello. I agree with you, it’s a useful idea to be able to disable everything you don’t use.
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