Use VPN only on the LAN port

Hello Community,

I have the AR300m and so far everything is working. I configured it as a WISP Repeater, and I use OpenVPN on it as well. What I want to do is, just use the OpenVPN on the LAN port. I am not very familiar with OpenWRT, what do I have to configure?

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Are you trying to set it up so wifi client’s network traffic remains unencrypted and ONLY the wired ethernet client’s network traffic is sent through the vpn tunnel?


Hey, thanks a lot for your answer. Yeah thats exactly what I want to do with it, can you help me in this case?

Thanks a lot

You need to create different LAN network for LAN and WiFi.
For example, now both WiFi and LAN is on “lan” network, you may need to creat “lan1” for WiFi.

You can do this in Luci but it is a little complicated and easy to break the router.

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Sorry for the delay.
Were you able to get things working? As Alzhao mentioned LUCI (the advanced setup menu) is a little complicated but this is a great way to learn more about your router. Back your settings up beforehand so you can revert back if things go badly.

You’ll have to create a new interface for the WIFI and forward it’s traffic to the WAN instead of the VPN. Spend a few minutes studying the Interface Overview and the Firewall Zone Settings to get an idea of the setup.