Use Wi-Fi internet without client Wi-Fii

With OPAL, can I use Wi-Fi for Internet uplink and disable the client Wi-Fi networks?

IIRC yes, but it might need work within Luci.

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Here’s yet another method if just disabling within GL GUI → Wi-Fi for all four WLANs doesn’t work: within /etc/config/network add option disable '1' similar to

config device
        option name 'wlan0' 
        option ipv6 '0'
        option disabled '1' # & any other wlan related sections; typically two total

Then /etc/init.d/network reload. That should do it.

(nano / vim > LuCI. I make no apologies.)

Should just be simple. Nothing need to do in Luci.

Step 1: Set up repeater
Step 2: Disable Opal’s wifi



Meet Zhao; the CTO of GL. I’ve never seen a CTO on a forum until I came across GL.

Zhao, Very nice to meet you. I’ve appreciated the features of the Opal unit that I’m experimenting with and the helpfulness of people on the forum like BF18.