Username und Password for Mango DDNS Login


i have a Problem with my GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V Mango router.
It is connected to my home network as a wireguard server.
If i’m connected to the wireguard vpn, i can login to the web panel.
If i’m not connected to the vpn its not possible to access the webpanel at the moment. So i want to use the remote login.
The ddns works fine but the login window is my problem. I don’t know the username.
I’ve allready tried admin, root or the username from my vpn. But i cant login.

Can you give me a tip where I can set the username?

with kind regards,

Can you give a screenshot of what is it like?

ddns may direct to your main router’s web panel. You may need to set up port forward on your main router.

These login panel.

Ok hat sich erledigt. Habs jetzt anders gelöst.

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