Using 5ghz wifi causes crash

I have a Beryl AX running the latest publicly available firmware 4.2.0. I have it configured as a wireguard client and using it through both WAN and LAN.

The issue which I can easily reproduce is when I have 5ghz wifi turned on, any high bandwidth application (ie. speedtest) will cause the 5ghz radio to crash dropping all clients and no longer allowing any new clients to connect.

Prior to this update everything was working fine.

Can you share the crash log? It can be found in the SYSTEM->LOG

Might be the same issue, try turning hardware acceleration off.

So after further and extensive investigation I realized it was a combination of two things that made it seem like 5ghz was crashing.

  1. I had 5ghz on auto channel selection, during a high bandwidth situation it appears to switch to a higher (less congested channel) but the problem is I am currently in Japan and it switches to a channel that’s not supposed to be used in Japan, therefore my client devices will stop connecting to it, I guess client devices know the location and will prevent using a channel that’s not allowed. I manually selected a proper channel and all is well now, Wi-Fi does not drop and existing clients stay connected even on 5ghz.

  2. The WireGuard client was dropping the connection for a few seconds during a high bandwidth situation, I manually lowered the MTU for the WireGuard client to 1420 and I’ve had zero issues since.

Hopefully if anyone else runs into these similar issues they’ll see this thread. It took me about 2 hours to figure all this out!

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