Using a ‎GL-AR300M16 travel router as standalone Wi-Fi without internet connection

Hi I bought a ‎GL-AR300M16 travel router to hook up to a network. However I think i only want this to be a stand alone wifi where I will use a tablet and wifi camera to connect to each other. Off tge grid so to speak. I am having a hard time setting it up to do that. Is it possible with this unit, am I just going about it all wrong? I don’t see any instructions on setting it up as a syand alone. Any help is appreciated

Its standard WISP repeater mode should do this for you. Just don’t connect it to an internet source and you should be able to create your own self contained local network.

Is there a document for setting up Wisp repeater mode?

This is it’s default mode. Setup as per here up to step 4. You should then be able to connect your devices to the router and they should all be on the same subnet and be able to see each other.