Using a Mango GL-MT300N-V2 with public wifi

Hello, thank you for your help. I can connect to public Wi-Fi’s with my Mango if I turn the VPN on it off. If I do that, then I get the login page when I open a browser. Otherwise, I cannot get it to login. After I log in at the sign-in page, I can restart the VPN, and it connects and works. Before I connect the VPN, the IP address shows me at the physical location that I am at.

My goal is to be as private and secure as possible. Is this the best I can do? How secure and private is this setup? Are there any changes I can make to improve?

I am learning. Thank you again.

You can’t.

If it’s required to connect to a hotspot, you will always have a more or less short time when you expose your real IP - as long as the devices are sending traffic, and you don’t block them.

Theoretically I could think about some blocking feature, but this would be pretty custom and not really usable without further knowledge.

Thank you. I appreciate your help.