Using a saved network when the WAN port is connected

I have my GL-MT1300 setup with a couple of saved Networks. But I also have plugged the WAN port into my “main” network. When clients connect to the GL-MT1300, they end up using my main network. How can I force the clients to use the active saved network, other than unplugging the cable from the WAN port?

You need to change the priority of multiple WAN connections.

Check the metric value in /etc/config/network and /etc/config/mwan3.

The smaller the value, the higher priority.

How do I identify

  • A “saved” network, e.g. SSID MySSID1
  • The network plugged into the WAN Ethernet port

What entries do I need to change so that the active “repeater” network takes priority? These are the current values in both files where “metric” is assigned.

File: /etc/config/network

config interface 'wan'
   option metric '10'
config interface 'wwan'
   option metric '20'

File: /etc/config/mwan3

config member 'wan_only'
   option metric '1'
config member 'wwan_only'
   option metric '2'
config member 'tethering_only'
   option metric '3'
config member 'modem_only'
   option metric '4'

I think the metric value in /etc/config/network takes priority. But it is better to use the same metric in both /etc/config/network and /etc/config/mwan3.

A lower value mean priority.

Use 10, 20, 30, 40 rather than 1, 2, 3, 4. But both works.

Sorry to jump on this one… Did not know you can run multiple inputs. I wanted to have a saved network for a wireless tether from my phone in the event I lose my Starlink. Since my router is above me in the attic, I dont have easy wired tether. My thought is to fire up my iphone near the router if I lose my main.

Currently my wan port on my Flint is in the Starlink router. Will the Flint allow me to SCAN for wireless as a repeater if my WAN is already connected and on the internet? (without hosing anything) Of should I disconnect…set up a repeater profile and save it. Then reconnect the WAN.?

You can just do it.

Repeater can be set up wether you have WAN connection or not.

Wow thats awesome… So I can get quick failover if I loose Starlink by simply turning on my tether option on my phone…

You should set up repeater and phone tethering at the same time, so that the failover works.

By manually turnning on tethering you have extra workload.