Using a T-Mobile MVNO card in GL-X750

I haven’t been able to find information about this question. My Tello MVNO T-Mobile card works well in a mobile phone but in the GL-X750-328, I don’t get the Admin home page that shows the carrier (like T-Mobile) at upper left of the screen. Instead, I get the message:
“(!) SIM card not detected. SIM card cannot be hot-plugged. If card cannot be recognized make sure the card is inserted in the correct direction [which it is] and click Modem Reboot or restart the router. [Which I’ve done a few times, with same result.]
When I check the internet link to my mobile phone the signal has full bars but a popup says: “Connected to device,” “Can’t provide internet”
Will a T-mobile MVNO will work in a GL-X750? Please offer suggestions.

Can you check if the SIM is the same as other standard SIM card? Some sim card has different pins.

It has the correct number of pins (two rows of 3) but when I opened the back saw that the bracket was not fully in the “lock” position. I slid it to lock and the GL-X750 recognized the card. THANK YOU. If you hadn’t asked me to check the SIM card pins I wouldn’t have seen the problem.

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Why does a SIM has a physica lock?

In my GL-X750, the bracket that folds down to hold the SIM card in place must be slid forward slightly to lock the bracket in place.