Using AX1800 with Fritzbox (4 in a Mesh)

Currently i do have Starlink connected with one master-Fritzbox 7590AX and 3 Fritzbox 7530AX for a mesh at every floor. For VPN i have bought a AX1800 Flint VPN router. Where do i have to install the AX1800?
If installed between Starlink and master- fritzbox i can keep the whole mesh, but do not see any client an the ax1800 except the master-fritzbox.
Are there an settings necessary to see alle clients on the ax1800?
Thanks for some hints in advance.


you won’t be able to see any other client then the Master Fritz!Box because that seems to be how the Fritz!Mesh works.

So yes, the position of the AX1800 is correct - but the network does not allow you to view the clients. If you can set the Master Fritz!Box to a routing-only mode (disable NAT → “IP client mode”, not sure if its possible) it will show the devices to the AX1800.

If this isn’t possible, I am afraid, but there is no way then.

Hi, admon, thanks for your reply. Tried to set Master- Fritzbox to client mode (AVM explicit explained this if another router is in front) but then mesh crashes and guest-wifi is gone.
Can i set up a mesh behind AX1800 with GL-iNet router- which one to get? Are routers installed as access points moreorless the same like mesh?

Not really, the AX1800 does not support Mesh (in combination with other routers)

I have an AX1800 and 4 Fritzboxes, all of which only work with restrictions.
I can’t see any clients on the AX1800 except the master Fritzbox - that’s it.
But I can see everything on the Fitzbox

I would like to have a consistent system
What would be the alternative at an acceptable price?
As an internetrouter that has WLAN itself and can integrate 3 routers (with LAN connection) in the WLAN-mesh, The satellite router should have LAN connections as well.
It should also be able to provide a VPN service (surfshark or similar), Starlink compatible.
I don’t just want a VPN, I also want to protect my privacy on the network :wink:

Or are there other options?

I can still return the AX1800, I’m selling the Fitzboxes.

Tbh, I would simply omit the need of seeing each client on the AX1800 - it’s not really important anyway.

The Fritz!Mesh is pretty solid and stable - I would stick with it.

Where can i find the VPN Bypass function? On VPN Tester tuturial the admin menu looks different!
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Make sure to update to firmware 4.x before.

Having 4.5.16 installed
I’ve seen in the doc the picture of the drop in gateway. Does it make more sense to substitute the AX18000 with a Brume 2 GL.iNet MT2500A instead? What does this mean to speed?

I do have the possibility to send back the AX1800 for free and buy the GL.iNet MT2500A (Brume 2) instead.
This would mean, keeping the whole function of my Fritzbox mesh system and get the functions i tried to get with the AX1800. Is bypass VPN possible with the Brume 2?
Many thanks for your suppor tin advance
kind regards

So the AX1800 also has this function Drop in gateway I’ve seen. The doc says "it is recommended to use a more powerful router with large memory (e.g. GL-MT2500) and install other traffic forwarding and control tools yourself.
Means GL- MT2500 is more powerful than AX1800?

And again, is VPN- Bypass possible with both systems in drop in gateway mode?

Flint should be perfectly fine.

But I am not a big fan of Drop-In Gateway. I would still add the GL router between ISPs modem and the Fritz!Mesh.

Maybe IP Client is still an option and you just need to reset the Fritz!Box to get it working?