Using Breed Bootloader on AR750S possible?

I am using shadowsocks on the router, so I need Breed to overclock the Soc for better performance.

I tired flash “breed-qca956x-uart_rx18_tx22-reset2.bin” via on the origin uboot, The breed succeed boot up, but it can’t auto recognize flash layout and boot the main firmware, so it stuck on the breed.

I also tired execute “boot flash 0x60000” command in breed, the breed recognized the kernel image and try to boot it up, but the kernel loaded, the firmware it self still not boot, then it return to breed again.

Any idea about this ?

I didn’t use this uboot.

Maybe you should change the firmware as well. You can download one from openwrt which is for Nor flash only.

The stock firmware stores part of its file in Nand flash so this may be the issue. But I am not sure.

You can also post the output from UART for reference.

The boot log says “spi-nand: Failed to detect a SPI NAND (err = -19).”
It seem like the firmware couldn’t detect the SPI NAND and mount the rootfs on that, so then the kernel panic and reboot. I guess the stock bootloader has done some essential operation to the NAND flash before the firmware boot, without that the firmware couldn’t detect the NAND flash.
Due to the breed is close-source and it not recognize the NAND flash on this router, I think it not possible to use breed boot the stock firmware right now. Perhaps as you said, the only way is to compile a NOR only firmware