Using bulk import to bind devices

My use-case requires enrolling devices for every GoodCloud management feature:

  • enable GoodCloud
  • remote web admin
  • remote ssh

So far, I had manually enrolled each device one-by-one, but I am curious about the “bulk import” feature.

By bulk importing, does this effectively skip/bypass the on-device enrollment step?

  • is an imported device equivalent to having checked “enabled GoodCloud”?
  • is there a way to also enable “remote web” and “remote ssh” during bulk import?
  • is there a plan to support bulk import via webAPI access?


“Bulk import” only add the device to your cloud account without turn on this option on the firmware. You still need to turn on the cloud option on the firmware.

If you have a lot of device (aka, a business customer) we do have a business firmware which has cloud option enabled by default.

I do have a “business” account on GoodCloud, but the number of devices is still at the SOHO scale.

If the business firmware is kept up-to-date with the “regular” firmware releases (i.e. no feature/bug fix penalty), I would be interested in evaluating.


The business firmware is a little behind the regular firmware. But will try to catch up.