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Hello guys, I have an B1300 model with installed clean firmware by GL-iNet from:

I am trying to change default distfeeds.conf file which include gl-inet feeds to this (feeds.conf):

I place an hashtag to start of each line in distfeeds.conf to comment/disable it. And just saved downloaded feeds.conf to /etc/opkg directory.

When I add it to /etc/opkg directory and run opkg update I get this error:
opkg_conf_parse_file: /etc/opkg/feeds.conf:1: Ignoring invalid line: src-git base^d997712

Any advices?
Thank you for any help.

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The format should look like:


What you write is buildroot’s feeds.conf format.

Please refer to this guide


Is it possible to use buildroot’s format with clean GL-iNet firmware? If it is, what changes in configuration are necessary? I know difference between compiled and not-compiled “source-code” = git-like packages…

You may well have kernel-version mismatches if you use a repo that isn’t consistent with the installed kernel on your device. Even if you don’t have a kernel-version mismatch, packages from one repo may have dependencies on packages that have a different ABI than those installed on your device.

Best approach would be to build within the GL.iNet-supplied build chain if you need something that isn’t already available in the GL.iNet repo. You’ll likely need to flash a full ROM to be consistent with the packages you build.

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I am just trying to install stubby package - which is not in GL-iNet repositories :confused:

Let’s say you want to do two things,

  1. Just use opkg to install. You used the wrong format. Refer to kyson’s comments. Maybe you can just download the ipk to the router and install them.

  2. You want to compile source code or build a firmware. This is another level and may be a little complicated to do.

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Are you sure it isn’t available in GL repo? You should upgrade to v3.0 firmware, we use it for DNS over TLS.

Btw, you can find the ipk in


upgrade to V3 testing firmware, you can find it there.

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@alzhao - thank you, you are right in both. I do not want to do the “complicated stuff”, just install the package and try to setup DNS over HTTPS

@kyson-lok, @reflector - Is the V3 firmware appropriate for production use? It’s still in testing. Can you try to explain what does the testing mean in this case? May some security issues be involved or just some minor bugs… and is there any release date for stable V3?

I’ve had v3 firmware running smoothly on both an AR300M-Lite and AR750S (“Slate”) here. While I haven’t hit any, “just some minor bugs” would be my guess – To be clear, I haven’t seen any issue with the v3 firmware on those two units. I’d trust it as a “daily driver”, as we used to say for phone firmware.

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Same here with AR300M (NAND) and USB150 - the 3.0 testing builds seem fairly sorted…

@jeffsf - odd you would mention mobile firmware - I was in that line of business as well for many years :wink:

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