Using DNS of OpenVPN server?

Laptop <-WiFi-> Beryl <-USB tether-> cell phone <—Internet—> OVPN Server <-LAN-> DNS

I’m using a GL-MT1300 Beryl with 3.215 firmware as an OpenVPN client. I want it to use the DNS settings pushed by my OVPN server. I can confirm the OVPN connection works, and I have Internet on my laptop and can access the LAN behind the server.

On the Internet tab in Beryl’s Web UI, the listed DNS server is the private address given by my phone. Once I connect Beryl’s OVPN client, the DNS address displayed stays the same. On my laptop, the DNS settings and using dig show Beryl’s address. If I ssh into Beryl, using nslookup or cat /etc/resolv.conf shows

How can I confirm that the Beryl router is sending all DNS traffic to the address provided by the OVPN server?

Also, as a feature request, would it be possible to get more status info on the OpenVPN Client page of the Web UI? Like, OVPN server’s public IP, along with the gateway and DNS adresses of the connected network?


On your laptop, open URL and it should show the DNS servers being used on the Internet, after you have connected successfully to the OpenVPN server.

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Thank you, that generally works, but will tell me the public, Internet-facing address of the DNS server’s network. Just for my interest, I’m trying to find out the exact, private address where Beryl is routing DNS traffic. There has to be somewhere in the router that stores it, right? I thought that was /etc/resolv.conf, but looks like the issue is more complicated.

In version 4.x firmware, the VPN Dashboard page displays the public IP of the VPN server and the DNS page displays the DNS address of the VPN.

Thanks, good to know! I’m preparing for a trip, so I don’t want to go to a beta branch at the moment, but I’ll definitely try it out later. I have a question: when 4.x becomes stable, will I be able to do the upgrade through the WebUI and keep my settings?

Also, I noticed that in /tmp/, there’s a file that has the address of my tethered phone, and resolv.conf.vpn has the private DNS address pushed by the OVPN server.

Only some basic settings can be kept. e.g. networking settings. VPN settings can’t kept.