Using ExpressVPN LightWay with GLAR300M

I have a GL-AR300M that I use ExpressVPN’s standard VPN protocols.

Unfortunately this is too slow and ExpressVPN doesn’t support WireGuard

Has anyone found a way to use the ExpressVPN LightWay protocols on the device?

It is their private protocol, based on wireguard. Sorry cannot support it.

Use a provider like Windscribe or Mullvad which support generating WireGuard configurations. Otherwise you’re stuck using the much slower and older OpenVPN.

It’s my experience that Windscribe and Mullvad have consistently high speeds over VPN, as well, and are quite effective for streaming and sharing opensource Linux ISO’s by torrent.

What about now that ExpressVPN Lightway has been released in GitHub? Thanks

Maybe you can ask Expressvpn directly.

What I got is, 3rd party cannot compile and connect to their server. Maybe the source code is only for your reference because GPL license.