Using Fiber with GL-AX1800

I saw the article to be able to connect the fiber directly to the router but i am not sure how to move from the fiber optic cable to the ethernet one, does any one have some documentation in regards to it.

Article: Using Fiber Optic Internet on Flint (GL-AX1800) OpenWrt Home Router - GL.iNet


Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the port on the ont terminal, then plug the other end into the wan port on the gl box .

but what termial? i saw online some fiber to ether media converters but not sure if they are going to work. Is that what you mean with connect to your terminal?

No need for a converter - the ONT box installed at your home is called also terminal

Not sure i follow, i just check the box and i can see that there is only Fiber cable no other connector.

This goes to ISP router and i get ether cable from there but i recently got hacked cuz i cant setup any rules on that router. I would like to handle the traffic from your device.

In order to have an Ethernet cable connected to your own router, you need to have ONT that supports Ethernet.

Please check this:

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Thank you very much, i can see they are not that expensive seen you as a security analyst do you have any advice when it comes to ONT, or i should be fine with any as long i have a good security on the AX1800

As long as you harden your gl router you will be fine. Google for openwrt security hardening

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if the fiber goes straight inside your isp provided router it means that router is also a GPON device so you will need to set that one in bridge mode and run the ethernet cable from a LAN port of ISP router to WAN port of GL.iNet router