Using GL-AR750 as a file server in WISP mode

I wanted to use GL-AR750 as a file server to share files between my laptop and my wife’s laptop to share critical files stored in an 128GB SD card inserted into the SD card slot of GL-AR750.

I also would like to use it in WISP mode using wired connection to share the WIFI from the hotel.

Since we would be using the wired connection between the Laptops and GL-AR750, can we shut down the wireless broadcast of GL-AR750 for additional security even though GL-AR750 will need to connect to the hotel WIFI to provide WISP to the laptops?

Here is the configuration I have in mind:
Hotel WIFI <—Wireless—>GL-AR750 [with 128GB SD Card] (1) <—WIRED–>Laptop-1 (2) <–Wired–>Laptop-2

Is this possible.


Yes you can shut down the wifi broadcast and only use WISP mode.

This should work for you.

alzhao, thank you.
Where can I find more (step by step instructions) about this configuration? Can you please point me to any resources online?

Pls check the docs for repeater

To disable AP, you just turn them off in the UI and it is quite straightforward

Thanks. I will check out the documentation.
I am new to this, so it looks like I need to learn a lot more to make it work.
For example when you say “disable AP”, I have no idea what “AP” means.

Let me read the documentation once I am able to find the “docs for repeater” you mentioned.

To turn off wifi, please check Wi-Fi Settings (AP) - GL.iNet Docs

alzhao, thank you.
I just ordered GL-AR750. Will contact you if I have questions in configuring it.