Using GL inet AR150 to access serial port equipped device (serial to wifi)

I just bought GL inet AR150, in order to be used for accessing some equipment that using DB9 serial port. I’m wondering instead of connect using wire from my laptop to corresponding device through serial port, I want to use my mini wifi router to be used as converter for serial to wifi, so I can access device with serial console interface wireless. Please explain it with the simplest method


@jeffsf and I were discussing a similar ask on another forums.

The UART on the board is reserved for the Linux console, so not a real interface to host external devices. That, and voltage levels there are too low to drive many RS-232 devices.

Use the USB port on AR150, and a USB to RS232 adapter - look for adapters that use either the FTDI or Prolific chipsets, and you should be fine.


When playing with USB - might want to grab usb-utils and minicom from the app repos - they’ll be helpful.

Be careful with Male vs. Female parts on the RS232 - the item above is a “male” part - if you see the other side, you might need a null-modem adapter (pinouts are different)