Using GL Mango to extend wireless netwrok with hardwired device

Here’s what I want. I have device that has ethernet but no Wifi. I have connected the GL Mango Router to this device. They can see each other no problem. My laptop can get onto the GL’s Wifi network and see both the router and my other device. No problem. Great so far.

But here is what I want. I want to be able to be on my home network and to be able to connect to the device that is hard wired to the GL Mango. On the GL Mango, it says its connected to my home network, and my home network says it’s connected to the GL Mango.

So what do I need to do so my laptop can be on the home network and be able to see my dedicated device? It would also be nice if the GL Mango acted as an extender for my wifi network.

Any help most appreciated!

Are you connecting Mango to your home via cable or wifi?

If via cable, you should set up Mango in AP mode.

If via wifi, you should set up Mango in extender mode.

go to “More settings” → “Network mode” set up.