Using GL-MT1300 file storage from PC thru wifi?

I would like to put a knowledge base of files on the router storage (SDcard is best, but USB flash otherwise). Then access the knowledge base files from WIFI attached PCs. Is file storage on router accessed by wifi connected computers possible on the GL-MT1300?
Thank you for your time and consideration, Doug

Please follow this instructions: Network Storage - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

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That is the document I tried to use. The GL-MT1300 with Version 4.3.17 firmware does not have "Network Storage" as an option in "Application". I provided what I need in my previous message. Using GL-MT1300 as a wifi accessible storage device using SD card or USB flash. Is it possible and if so, how?
Thank you, Doug

Features got removed with later firmware on certain devices that are low spec, including the original beryl. You either go back to v3 firmware or install them manually

From v4 release notes

"Limited by CPU performance and storage space, this version firmware also does NOT include Network Storage fature. (Allow users to install via plug-in after exroot)"

I too have the beryl MT-1300 and find it annoying these basic features which were once installed have been pulled. I'm pretty sure Tor isn't installed either however the product page still suggest you can use tor. Well I suppose you can if you downgrade firmware to v3.x

I am pretty sure I do have a very early v4 fw release somewhere which included some features that are no longer available but those firmware files are no longer available.

For any glinet devs reading. If you can install them again manually why can't we have them pre installed as an optional firmware build? Surly they can't be too unstable to run if the advice of the forum staff is to re-install the packages anyway?

Thank you. With your help and a little tinkering :wink:, I have both SD card and USB flash working as Mapped Win10 drives from GL_MT1300 WIFI.