Using MiFi battery version without battery


Can the battery on the MiFi be disconnected temporarily and make it powered by the microUSB only, as if it didn’t had any battery?

I’m asking because most battery devices nowadays cannot work without the battery on. I will need the MiFi plugged most of the time, and apparently while doing so, the USB port well have no power. However i would still like to retain the ability to make it fully portable from time to time, with the battery.

So, is it better to order a battery version and disconnect it when not needed so the MiFi has USB power, or would it be better to go with the no battery version and plug it to a power bank when i need to go fully mobile?

Thanks for your time.

That is OK. Just one problem, even you disconnect the batteries, you need to power the device on by holding the power button for 3 seconds.

Perfect! Thank you!