Using mini Router as TOR gateway, while client still has access to local network

Hello Folks,

i would like to use the following setup with a GL-MT300N:

Client1 --cable–> GL-MT300N --cable–> DSL-Router ----> Internet

Client2 — cable--------------------------------------^

All Internet traffic (or at least all accesses to .onion adresses) of Client1 should be routed through the TOR network , while Client1 still has access to and is accessible from the local network (e.g. Client2 has access to Client1 through a local IP address).

Will that work? How should that be configured?

Thanks in advance,



You need to configure firewall on GL-MT300N to route all .onion address to Tor and all other traffic to non-tor. However I don’t know there is an easy way.

If you route all traffic to Tor then you cannot access client1 locally, because all its traffic is in Tor.

This can be done via IPTables, by allowing connections directly for your local area’s subnet instead of routing it through Tor.

I’m not sure on the specifics but doing -j ACCEPT for your subnet before the redirect rules should be enough.