Using MT1300 with QUECTEL EM160R-GL


I have a question, may be someone knows the answer. I am trying to use QUECTEL EM160R-GL connected via USB 3. The stock GUI does not detect the modem at all, but I installed modemmanager, added the new network interface etc and the modem works.
So, this is really weird - the modem works while controlled via Lucy but is not shown in the stock GUI (running original firmware).
Is there a way to make the stock GUI recognize and control EM160R-GL ?


Can you show me your config? What kind of interface does EM160R-GL use?

What kind of config you would like to see? The interface uses modemmanager but like I said the only reason why I installed modemmanager (and configured it) because Beryl itself did not recognize the EM160R-GL connected via USB3.

PS: may be I should just install rooter and be done with it. My only fear is that on rooter WiFi may not work as good as it works with the native GL soft .

As you mentioned ttyUSB3, I assume this is it. I am not sure why the UI does not discover it.

Yes, that is interesting, I can configure the new interface using QMI Celluar, MBIM and modemmanager, the modem gets IP address and such but GL GUI does not detect the modem anyway and this is very strange.

PS: Just noticed that you mentioned ttyUSB3 - I never said that, I said “USB 3” meaning the USB 3.0 connector on the front. When EM160R-GL is detected first time, then 3 new USB devices will be created. If you repeat the network interface configuration without router restart then AT ( EM160R-GL will expose several different ports) port number of EM160R-GL will change every time after the modem restart.

And finally - I installed the latest available firmware, QMI mode, the attached screenshot shows the interface, existing USB devices and GL GUI which does not detect the modem.

Seems it uses cdc-wdm0 and ttyUSB0-3, which should be just simple to detect.

I will let developer have a check.

Hello alzhao,
I just realized that this problem has been already discussed in May and you participated in that discussion.

That is really unfortunate that nothing has been done since May.

PS: I just installed rooter, build 2021-11-05, the modem works great in QMI mode but as I expected the 5GHz WiFi has some problems…

can you show result of following command?
uci show glconfig.modem.bus

Sure, the response is:

glconfig.modem.bus =‘1-1’

ADDED LATER: your question gave me some food for thoughts. Yes, the command
dmess | grep modem
showed that the modem is using a different bus - ‘2-1’
So, I modified glconfig and changed modem.bus to ‘2-1’ and now GL GUI detects the modem:

AT commands return IMEI, signal quality but cell info is empty and when I press “refresh” button it says “Warning: unsuppported features”.

What Gl-inet GUI really needs is the embedded terminal alllowing uses to send mulitiple AT commands to the modem, see/save the history /list of previously called AT commands. The currently existing “one line AT command” approach (in my view) is far from enough, since proper management of LTE modem normally requires a lot of manually sent AT commands (aggregation/band/tower cell selection/lock, reading signal and temperature info and many other things)


But can you just use Linux terminal?

This should be a BUG, I noticed that when I plug in a USB3.0 device, the bus is recognized as 2-1, but when I plug in a USB2.0 device, the bus is recognized as 1-1, which will be fixed in version 3.211.

If you need to execute more than one command, you can write your own script to implement the command as follows, remember to replace your bus name

root@GL-MT1300:~# gl_modem -B 1-1 AT /dev/ttyUSB2 ATI
Revision: EP06ELAR03A06M4G


Sorry, I am not sure how to use quotation on this forum, I dont see such option.

But can you just use Linux terminal?

Sure I can.

If you need to execute more than one command, you can write your own script to implement the
Sure I can do that too.

But then, what do I need GL GUI for?

I own 2 750 Slates / 1 Beryl / 1 Flint. Slates are running OpenWrt, I bought Beryl and Flint as OpenWrt compatible hardware (my fault, did not read through all documentation otherwise I would have known that that not 100% true, due to the lack of proper support of WiFi in OpenWrt) and was planning to run OpenWr or ROOter (if I use the router with a 4G external modem) . I should have returned both Beryl and Flint after I learned about incompatibility but it is too late to talk about it.

I will not compare right now GL GUI with ROOter/GoldenOrb or MOFI Web GUI but if you ever saw ROOter or MOFI “Modem Info” web page then you would agree that saying “if you want to see continuous reading of signal strength info you can use Linux terminal or write a script to output this info on the console” - would be ridiculous. I can do that but this is not how its done nowadays in modern firmware.

[Network Status –](https://Network Status in ROOter)

This is why I suggested to add (at least) a good all round terminal in GL GUI, since it is the simplest solution.

Anyway, as far as the detection of LTE modem installed in USB3.0 enclosure is concerned - the problem is solved, the ticket can be closed.

Did you install any driver for EM160R-GL?

Can you dumb this down a little or expand on this a bit? I can get into Luci or SSH, but I can’t find anything for the glconfig.

I’m bumping into the same issue you resolved, but I can’t figure this out.

Use SSH to edit the /etc/config/glconfig file for the section:

config server 'modem'
	list bus '1-1'

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