Using MT3000 as Adguard Home server when at home


Can I assign the MT3000 a dhcp address and use it as a backup adguard home dns server when at home?

And as a travel router when away from the house?

I have 2 adguard home dns servers in docker on my NASbut if my nas goes down, they both go down, so I am looking for another device to run adguard home on when at home.


This setup does not make sense to me.

I would let run AGH on a device that does not go down - speaking, a router, not a NAS. In that case, I would set it as my default DNS and make sure that it will get distributed by DHCP to my clients.

When I am with my travel router exact the same thing will happen, so AGH will work fine since it runs on my travel router itself.

Running 2 AGH instances on the same NAS does not make any sense - what’s the goal here?

Hi and thanks the the reply.

I completely agree with you re running 2 instances on the same NAS, not ideal. Which is why I want another instance on separate hardware. DNS 1 and 2 are the macvlan addresses of teh 2 ADH instances running on the NAS currently.

I tried installing AdGuard Home on my old ER5POE, but the HW was not up to the job. I don’t want to buy a Nuc or Pi just for this purpose and can see some distinct benefits of a travel router. I would set this instance of ADH as DNS3 on my DHCP scope.

My Internet is connected through a UDM which I don’t want to install ADH on as it will be wiped when upgraded.

Happy to hear how else to do this.

Have you tried this simple option for you.

Just add dns IP in your dhcp. Or add upstream in your AdGuard Home.

For example my simple plan.

My router is home.
2 phones for outside network (4G/5G)
Travel router is holiday things with small GL router.
Everything list filter in one DNS server.


So is this just using adguard DNS rather than running adguard home?

I like the ability to be quite granular with the block and allows, as well as using DNS rewrites and am not sure the DNS only service can do this.

I do use quad9 and adguard DNS as upstream.

I suppose I am looking to convince myself to buy a travel router and one way to persuade myself is if I can use it as an adguard home server at home, using my ud se for internet and DHCP.

I then have the benefit of being able to take it with me when I travel or am away from home.

It can but I guess you have to go with the paid version then.

Thanks for the responses and ideas, I will give it some more thought and report back If I take the plunge.