Using MT300N-V2 To Create A Wired Network


We want to know if it is possible to use a MT300N-V2 to extend / repeat the range of a LAN being created by a Master router when it is connected to the Master router by Ethernet cable. See image attached for diagram.

We want to do this so we can connect mobile devices to the computer via the LAN when the mobile devices are connected to either the Master Router or the GL.iNet router.

We have been able to do this when the GL.iNet router is connected to the Master router by wi-fi but we need to be able to do it with it connected by Ethernet cable too.


Disclaimer: I’m a complete newbie here, so I may well have misunderstood what you want to do. But I very recently came across this blogpost (without understanding most of it):

To me it looks like this guy is doing what you are looking for. HTH

If you use stuck firmware, entering the UI → Switch Button Configuration, select Wired bridge(Router/Bridge), click on apply, and then push the switch to right.