Using Opal to connect small server device to home network

Hi, I’m at my wits end. I have a wifi device that has an unchangeable IP ( different from my home network (192.168.68.XX) that I would like to connect to as well as get internet from my home router

I have successfully repeated the device in the Opal (
Using a subnet of, if I am connected to the Opal’s wifi, I can ping the device.

When I plug the Opal’s WAN port into my home router, it get’s assigned a DHCP address but the internet is incredibly slow to non-existent. Sometimes a page will load in a couple minutes, usually it fails. It’s almost like it’s using the fixed device for DNS instead of the DHCP info supplied by my home router.

What I really want to do is turn off the SSIDs of the Opal, plug it into my home switch, and have my home network wifi allow access to the fixed IP device. My next best option is to connect to the Opal’s SSID to connect to the device, but I also need internet from my home network.

Any suggestions would be welcome! As a test, I did try setting the Opal to the same subnet as the fixed device, and then I couldn’t repeat it. With the Opal WAN port plugged into my home network, I can’t ping nor the DCHP IP assigned to the Opal.

Will the Opal be available if you first connect it to your home network using a network cable without repeat the device?

yes. I have figured out how to connect my home network to Opal at the same time as the device, just can’t figure out how to use home network to see the device that’s on a different subnet shared by the opal.

Sounds like this can only be viewed in the Opal admin panel…