Using Slate as an AP with multiple SSIDs

Looking for some help and can’t find a topic which answers this.

I upgraded to a Slate AX recently from the original slate and it’s working really well but I want to use my old slate as an AP which I should be able to do by switching it to extender, drop in gateway, or WDS as I understand it.

My question is, I have multiple SSIDs (Secure, guest, and IoT) which each map onto different VLANs and I’m not sure how this would work. My old Slate is already set up with the right SSIDs and VLANs so hoping it won’t need much configuration but I just have no idea. Will the SSIDs all map through to the right VLANs in Extender mode?

Any guidance gratefully received!

When you use Slate AR750s as AP, extender or WDS, you connect to SlateAX and it is bridged to one vlan only.