Using Spitz with a Call and Data Sim card and Home Landline

Thanks a lot for your continuious support.
I have a Call and Data sim card that I am currently using with a Huawei B525 4G modem.
I want to replace the Huawei with the Spitz the problem is that the Spitz does not have a RJ11/RJ12 port to link it to a home phone.
I would rather make use of the 2 hours (free call allowance i get every month).
Is there a way I can do that with the functionalities provided within Spitz or any modem provided by GL.INET ?
many thanks

We don’t have a device that supports RJ11/RJ12.

Thanks, That’s a shame because i think a lot of users are in the same scenario I am in.
We love the VPN/WireGuard functionality but we have a dataplan with calling Credit (a home phone type thing).
Is there anyway I could use something to still be able to use the free calling allowance that comes with my Sim plan whilst using one of your 4G routers ?

Sorry, our device does not support such use.

If the Spitz doesn’t have the RJ11/RJ12 port you need, you might want to consider looking into alternative modem options provided by GL.INET. They might offer a solution that works for your setup and helps you take full advantage of those two hours of free calls every month.

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