Using the Beryl AX3000 as a VPN client with VPN by GoogleOne

My Orbi RBR850 router can work as a VPN server, but not as a VPN client. . Given that reality, could the following architecture work:

Modem ↔ Beryl AX 3000 (a GL-iNet product) ↔ Orbi RBR850

where the Beryl AX 3000 is a client to the VPN by GoogleOne server? If so, how would I get the configuration file from Google that would be used to configure the Beryl AX3000 to connect to the VPN by Google One server?

GoogleOne VPN appears to be available for these platforms:

Beryl AX3000 runs OpenWRT, which uses Linux. (Netgear Orbi is also built on OpenWRT, but is “locked” and customers cannot add software. It appears that perhaps Beryl AX3000 provides methods for customers to add software:

I cannot find a list of the 5,000 “plug-ins” that are available. Perhaps the company would provide a reference to an on-line directory? Contact Us - GL.iNet

My impression is that this product will meet 90% of the requirements if one of the supported VPN services is used (OpenVPN based or Wireguard based. (Note the prominent statement that VPN has limited bandwidth.)


Google One does not support linux as far as my research shows. They are using some proprietary protocol.

So far no way to use Beryl for it.
(And spoken of privacy I would never ever use VPN by Google.)

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I use a VPN to get away from that data broker. #deGoogleOrDie

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