Using two routers as bridge


I’m looking for a way to connect my TV to my “main” router, the one handling the incoming internet connection via wifi instead of the LAN cable.
This means, instead of using a LAN cable between the TV and the main router I’d like to use a second router connecting via wifi to the main router and the TV connecting to the secondary router via LAN. The reason is simple: I have 3 meter gap to bridge and a cable is not an option due to walls, doors etc.

Is this possible?

The main router is a GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext, the secondary would be something simpler, maybe an GL AR300.

I’d appreciate any information / description on the solution!

Yes you can. As you are using firmware 3.0 so you will find “network mode” in more settings.

Set up as extender or WDS which is bridge mode. Then the router will only be used as connection, all other features will be gone eg firewall, vpn etc.


Thanks for the fast resonse. I get it: it is possible and I should be able to find out once I have network prepared. Thanks again.

Yes I confirm.


I use this network config often. I’ve done this with an AR300, an MT300N, and an AR150. I speculate that every GL.iNet router can do this.

Basically, I configure my router to connect to my main router, and then plug my ethernet-only TV into my router via a short ethernet cable. It’s very easy and natural to configure with the stock firmware. It’s been rock solid too. For me I am very successful doing this with a 2.4 GHz device, but your wireless spectrum situation or bandwidth demands might lead you to a 5 GHz solution.

Stand I’m trying to set my gl s1300 as a second router and having a hard time. I can get to work but I changed the IP setting from to 8.2 and can’t get the routers address via internet.

You need to go to more settings->network mode and set up as AP.

You cannot just change its IP address.