Using two routers

I have to connect my GL-AR300M to another router in order to access the internet. It is a hassle trying to deal with the settings of two routers. I would like to administer all the settings through my AR300M gateway,especially things like port forwarding. Is there a way that I can connect to the main router but strictly use it like a modem?



P.S. I do have access to the main router’s gateway and settings, however, I cannot connect the AR300M to it with an ethernet cable (otherwise I would just do that).

why you cannot connect AR300M to the main router with an ethernet cable?

I think you main router is a router, maybe you cannot make it transparent as a modem. How is it connect to the Internet? Does you ISP provide dhcp, static or using pppoe?

OK, so I did manage to connect the AR300M to the other router with Ethernet. But I think I’m still faced with the same problems with port forwarding and such.

The internet is through a Cable modem/router. ISP provides DHCP.

I would suggest using an EMTA if you have phone service like an Arris 822 or a regular cable modem if you don’t have phone service. You can always put the gl.inet router as a DMZ client but the options on a combined device are poor at best. I never have issues using my gl.inet routers as a vpn router off an ASUS router that uses an Arris 822 EMTA.