Using Walled Garden Public WiFi


Apologies if this has been asked before. How would I get my router (GL-MT300A) to connect to a walled garden Wifi like the ones you find in Starbucks. I should be able to connect the router to the wifi as no password is required however to access the internet I would need to supply some personal details like an email address (not bothered about this). Is there a simple browser I can install on the router or when I connect my laptop to the router will it simply forward the login page.

I’ve not had chance to try any of this so the answer might be simple once I’ve connected. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of this.

Oh and I’m loving router so far it’s great :slight_smile:



Portals are a big problem with OpenWrt travel routers in general. Not sure if the issue exists with factory firmware from other vendors.

The scan is generally not an issue, however the browser redirect from the portal tool often is a problem and there are many different hotspot tools which complicates the issue.

There are no solutions that I am aware of. Even using some of the “Wifi Manager” tools only addresses the scan and connection. The best way to address the authorization is to manually go to the establishments portal page. If I expect to go back I save it as a favorite.

I have also noticed at one place I frequent that my lease expires prematurely and with no discernible pattern.

Thanks for getting back to me, I have the same issue with my work laptop redirecting to portals due to it’s build so this issue is not new to me. So long as I know what to do I’m happy

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: