Using X3000 as Gateway & Extender


My network setup consists of a Synology Router, Cable Modem, and a GLINET x3000 Gateway. The 5G internet is used for backup internet.

I want to route the 5G Internet traffic through LAN1 to my Synology Router, which is connected to WAN2. This allows me to load balance / failover the traffic.

I also want to route WIFI traffic through LAN2 on the X3000 to the LAN2 port of my Synology router, so that it can be extended as an access point.

The X3000 would perform two functions:

  1. Provide internet via 5G connectivity to my Synology, via LAN1 on both routers.
  2. Provide wifi extender/ap for my existing network, via LAN2 for both routers.

I don't think this is possible via the interface, but I think this would be doable using iptables.

Would this work? Or is there any alternatives?

Here's a bad diagram.

I don't quite understand.

Do you want the X3000 to extend Synology's wifi network?

Seems it is a loop.

I don't think it would be a loop.

Basically, I want to use the device as a gateway and an AP. My idea is to route all 5G modem traffic through LAN1 to my Synology router. Devices that connect to the wireless on the X3000 get routed through LAN2.

Any wireless devices would get their IP from my Synology router (which is my primary), and the LAN1 from the X3000 that has all the 5G traffic would be set up as a backup connection on my Synology (configured for dual WAN).

Or am I absolutely crazy?

This seems possible by configuring vlans on X3000. But definately this is a crazy idea.

A little complicated setup and not so intuitive, maybe not worth the effort.