V1 or nand image?

I recently got the AR300M - which to my understanding has NAND. I upgraded it but forget if it was by hand or automatically through the web UI.

I just noticed there are two 2.25 firmwares:





My router reports that its at 2.25. Would the router report if the NAND version is installed? Would one not be able to be installed?


Read this:


Well I did read that before. Unfortunately it is also confusing. It says to use .rar files if upgrading from firmware. In the directory there are .tar and .img files and no .rar files :slight_smile:

This does not answer my original question.

There is another directory without nand in it here:


That also has .bin files - what are they? Can they be loaded on the AR300M ? Is there some AR300M that does not have nand?


Alzhao will be along to help you but I believe the rar means tar

it is tar. Thanks for the findings. Fixed.

Added readme: GL.iNet download center

Docs can be found here: Overview - GL.iNet Docs

All AR300M in the end user market have both Nand and Nor. But we do have customized AR300M with only Nor flash.