V2 firmware on ar-750s-ext slate

as a current ar150 owner I have a usb video cam that works great on it. I recently recieved an ar-750s-ext slate with v3 firmware. I see the firmware is in beta and it looks great! It is currenlly missing some of the features I miss so and I’m not trying to complain about rushing but…I was wondering is there a v2 firmware that works for this device (wonder if ar-750 v2 works and I can downgrade to v2)

I did download the testing 3.013 and saw guest networks for wifi. very nice.

ar-750s-ext slate don’t have v2 firmware.

Which feature do you want?

I wanted the gl -web face video interface for usb webcams. also wanted to explore v2 on a 750 and see what features exist other than 5ghz compared to a ar150. I guess I can load plugins/ipk’s but i’m looking at all features

You can install mjpg-streamer ipk.

Please refer to this guide. [OpenWrt Wiki] Webcam with the Linux UVC driver

I read elswhere it was mjpeg-streamer… thats why I couldn’t find it.
I did an “ls /dev/v*” after installing the mjpg-streamer and luci streamer plugin and also enabled at boot and rebooted.
no video device was found

gotta download lsusb and see whats up. any other ideas are greatly appreciated

im gonna try a powered external usb hub and see if power is an issue.

update I used a powered external hub. My problem was I could’nr find the other opkg ipk’s for the video because the gl-inet plugin web admin interface only displays 10 or so items in filter search and you have to page through. found all plugins in advanced software section easily. /dev/video0 is now found. I was hoping the glinet web front end would be like the ar150. I guess it’s not ready yet.

hello kyson I compared all video mjpg-streamer packages from ar150 running 2.xx including same
kmod-plugins for example kmod-video-gspca-sonixb

I then copied the 2.x /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer from ar150 and ran it on the slate
“/etc/rc.common: line 151: /usr/bin/video_init: not found”

missing /usr/bin/video_init error like below

not sure if old script supports newer architecture or an ipk Im still missing

the device is recognized as /dev/video0

You can download the ipk, and install by manual. The application ipk of ar300m is the same as slate.

sorry which .ipk are you referring to?

The mjpg-streamer ipk.