V3.01, How to configure SSH, especely disable SSH?

V3.01, How to configure SSH, especely disable SSH ?

  • They are a How To for this ?

I dont use SSH and depend on this, I like to be shure, its realy disabled.

You can disable dropper in Luci, or using command

/etc/init.d/dropbear disable
/etc/init.d/dropbear stop

How to deactivate “dropebear” by which menue item or button ?

GO to Luci (advanced settings) and do it there.

You can do it in Luci.

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That’s good looking. Now I have disabled the not by me used ssh by “Enable/Disable” button on

*** But was dos it mean?** Describes the button labeled “Enabled”, the current status, or the status which you can select and which becomes active after the selection?

I guess the follow:

  • The Enable/Disable Button, describe the actual status of service.
  • The Start, Restart and Stop Button, offer, what can be selected

That is the ‘Initscripts’ startup section.

An Init script is a script that starts a service on boot up.

If you Enable the init script it will be started on boot.

If you Disable the init script it will not be started on boot.

Regardless if the service init script is Enabled or Disabled to start on boot up, you can still Start, Stop, or Restart (Stop and then Start) a service.

Your information are clear for me. A, the"Enable", “Disable” Button is still not clear for me. Do the follow picture show actual running services or disabled services?

Those all say ‘Enabled’ meaning they are configured to start on boot. That screen does not know if the service is actually running or not currently.

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Thanks in advanced. Now its clar for me.

Thats mean, all services which are shown on follow picture, are active with on picture shown configurartion, on boot time: https://forum-static.gl-inet.com/original/2X/d/de40af7122116a392d73b7ba8d74d41a102eb052.png

Thaaaaankkkkkkkssss !!!