V3 for AR300M

Will v3 firmware be released for AR300M? Any ideas when? Just excited…

Yup! We will release v3 for all mini router. Will release usb150 and mifi the first. It needs time for AR300M.

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Thank you for the reply.

Any update on this? i have a 300M that id like to run wireguard on


whats the diff with the cloud VS no cloud bin?

also where can we submit bugs on this firmware?

For AR300M, you should use NAND firmware. http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/ar300m/nand/testing/

pls don’t use the cloud one now. It connect to our cloud platform.

Bug report Bug Reporting Thread For Firmware v3 - #79 by Johnex

Hello. Does OpenVPN not work with this V3 FW? I flashed the NAND one but OpenVPN either says “Warning: No internet” or “Success” but it doesn’t really connect. The Connect button stays as is. I am coming from V2 2.7 FW and I kept the settings. I have the AR300M router. Any help? Thank you.

You can’t keep the settings when going to V3. Flash the firmware again without saving the settings.