V3: How to change hostname?

AR750 V3.x, How to change hostname ?
I know, i asked in the past the same question. A I dont find the answer again.

I remeber, its possible to change the hostname (which is repoted to DHCP) on advanced admin menue.


Luci > System > System.> General Settings - is that what you’re looking for?


Thanks for your answer. Thats was i am looking for.

  • I changed the the “Hostname” on Luci > System > System.> General Settings
  • And I can see the new “Hotname” on
  • A, I see on my DSL router still the old “Hostname” of my gl.inet router,. Thats why i am not shure, it realy the right place to change the hostname
  • It can be, they are like a DNS cache, a “Hostname” cache, which need to delete if I dont like to wait for refresh by self after lease time ?

Now i have found two additional other places, which sounds like “Changing hostname”. I dont know what the different. Now I will check the follow:

Yes, this is the correct place for hostname reported via DHCP to upstream routers.

Change hostname via cli

uci set system.@system[0].hostname=‘your-hostname’
uci commit system
/etc/init.d/system restart

alzhao It is correct?

Actually I don’t know if this is correct. Seems dnsmasq has other settings about hostname.

change hostname from luci gui, working normal, but interesting change from cli

Deleted. Was doubled.