V3 Tested on AR750 WIREGUARD MullVad


I have deleted previous contents of the initial thred.
Wireguard with MullVad account is working as it should be on the router now after refalshing the V3 firmware with keep settings unchecked.
I m sure ia had tried it all befor but now its working…

Does it work on AR750S-ext?

I only have the AR750 white edition. My slate will arrive end of this month.

Okay, it’s a bleeding edge firmware for ar750 at present.

no problem, just wanted to give you guys the heads up. I do hope that the wireguard set up will be resolved as there has never been any full clear instructions especially for MullVad. (I even tried AzireVPN setup on 300M and that too was a hit or miss).

Wireguard is definitely worth pursuing becuase its much much faster than OpenVPN, way faster

The MullVad instructions do actually do create the Wireguard connection quite easily, the problem comes from the Gl firewall settings/bindings. Gl should work on that binding aspect.and provide clear answers (with a graphic menu & instruction sets)…Static with no DHCP? Hmmm.

Until then, we’re just running Wireguard, or OpenConnect, or ShadowSocksR on my Android phone, with (“VPN Hotspot”), then connecting phone to Gl router via USB and sharing connection (with six clients). Everything works 24/7… Definitely looking forward to messing with V3 though!

I have deleted the first post as I reflashed the router for the unmpteenth time and now everything is working as it should and wiregurd on mullvad is a simple case of putting in account number and pressing connect. no other config file settings reqired.

I just picked up a 750 but I can’t find anywhere to download the V3 firmware for it to give this a shot. Does anyone have a link? I don’t care if it’s beta or testing, this device isn’t for anything critical. Thanks!