Vanilla OpenWRT on Flint 2

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I was wondering if anyone has attempted this? Would be curious to know if it’s supported at all, and if so, what hardware integration is given up - the firmware that comes with the Flint 2 seems to have quite a large number of custom kmod packages, I’m wondering if any of those are chipset-specific hacks to enable certain acceleration/offload features.

My interest is in having a custom kernel build to enable some features - NVMe/TCP to start with, but also just to have a router completely under my control. I was under the impression that OpenWRT on GL Inet was easy to rebuild, but it seems the tools are internal-only, which leaves me wondering about getting a completely vanilla build going instead.

Yeah, dozens of us are using OpenWrt snapshots and everything works well.

The only noteworthy difference is that the stock firmware has WED enabled, so you’d need to enable that on the snapshots to get hardware acceleration for WiFi.

You can easily compile OpenWrt for the GL-MT6000. Someone even posted their custom builds with a newer kernel just yesterday.

You can no longer easily compile your own GL.iNet firmware though. I believe they shut down the builder because their Chinese user base were using it to bypass restrictions, which puts the company at risk.

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Very noob-friendly answer, thank you very much :slight_smile: Yes, features like WED are exactly what I was worried about losing. Thanks a million, my research continues… :wink:

@solidus1983 would be the man to ask. He builds vanilla for the Flint v1, Slate AX.

If you’re looking for n00b friendly when talking about rolling custom kernels for embedded Linux, I can only wish you luck.