Various GLiNET APP Issues

1.3.2(122). iPad and iPhone.

  1. One screen shows online, the next shows No internet (IPV6 enabled)?? Repeater mode. The internet IS physically Working.

  1. When I have IPV6 enabled the Internet stil works; but the Wifi symbol is YELLOW and says no internet. When I disable IPV6 I get a nice BLUE wifi symbol. This is what I expect.

  1. Why does the “Repeater (STA Disabled)” show as greyed out?
    The repeater is working.

  2. There is a broken link as shown below.

  3. When I try to login to NordVPN I get asked to put in 24 Characters Login/Password. I dontl;have one, my login and password have ALWAYS been much shorter than that?


has fixed the broken docs link, please try again.

The first three issues are display bugs. Thank you for your feedback and we will fix them as soon as possible.
The last two may be incorrect document addresses, which should point to OpenVPN Client - GL.iNet Docs (
You should enter service credentials instead of your password.

I’m going to give you what, I think --used to be the way-- to set up NordVPN on a Slate AX (this was from my older Gl-iNet 750S). On the Nord site, there is a page where it tells you your Nord SERVICE CREDENTIALS username and password TO BE USED FOR CONFIG FILES ONLY. This is NOT your Nord login credentials.

You can head to this NordVPN page: NordVPN GL-iNet Manual Config

Scroll down and you will see this section:

Having said all this, I seem to recall (I don’t have my current Slate AX1800 available right now, that the new Slate config/setup area only asks for your Nord ACCOUNT username and password, not the service credentials. I may be mistaken on this.

In any case, if you follow the link and picture above, you will be able to get the “required” 24 character credentials.



Thank you jgutman, I was indeed confused by the Username Password request as shown.

Someone did try to clarify below that these were credentials… but as per my post the link was dead, so explanation was missing. It’d be great if GLinet could make this a wee bit clearer in Both Places.


Works with the right credentials, thanks everyone. :grinning: